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Burning questions most studios face
you might be wondering...
in which markets should I launch my game?
should I launch my game on Android first or iOS?
how do we stand compared to the competition?
how do we allocate a user acquisition budget across channels?
how do we have the best-performing creatives?
which type of creatives work the best?
worry not—we can help you with these and other questions you might have about user acquisition.
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Launch your game successfully with a tailor-made strategy

Planning and executing a successful game launch requires a deep understanding of your goals and the budget at your disposal.
We approach every game launch with a pre-launch plan, assessing the market and our client's abilities.
A great game launch needs to be followed up by post-launch support, analysis of growth opporunities and performance tracking with necessary adjustments of campaigns.
After the initial campaign setup, we carefully track performance, optimize the early-stage UA activities, and create plans on how to scale campaigns.
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Some of the services we typically provide:
#Pre-launch planning
#Initial campaign setup
#Early-stage optimization
#Growth opportunity analysis
#Performance tracking
#Post-launch support

Review and assess your current UA strategy

Our team of experts will meticulously analyze your campaigns, targeting, and creatives to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
We use the latest industry benchmarks and trends to provide actionable insights, for your UA efforts to deliver maximum reach and ROI.
A solid strategic planning approach is necessary to ensure that every dollar is invested wisely and aligned with your goals.
With our service you'll gain a competitive edge in the crowded mobile gaming market, driving sustainable growth and user retention.
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Some of the services we typically provide:
#Full UA audit
#Analysis of strengths & weaknesses
#Performance monitoring
#Budget optimization
#Strategic planning
#Ongoing support & advisory

Unlock the full marketing potential of your game

Our team will analyze the performance of your creatives and compare them with industry benchmarks.
We implement our rigorous testing methodology to identify creatives that resonate best with your target audience.
This strategic approach is complemented by our reliable external partners who deliver captivating high-quality ad creatives.
This comprehensive approach will boost your user acquisition efforts, driving higher performance and efficiency.
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Some of the services we typically provide:
#Performance analysis
#Benchmark comparison
#Concept development
#Playable, UGC, AI
#Complete production and design
Here is how we work
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Benefits of working with GameBiz
More revenue
Generate more revenue to create new games and projects
Lower costs, higher profits
Save funds and invest more in your business and marketing efforts
Increase scale
Reach the top charts and grow the number of installs
Save time
Focus on building top-notch quality games
Additional benefits our clients get:
Access to the latest tools & trends
Ongoing support whenever needed
Industry proficiency & expertise
We do not take a cut of your ad spend
Most recent results from our clients
Scaled revenue by
within three months for a card game
Increased ROI by
within three months for a kids game
What our clients say about working with us.
Martin Giaco
During the UA audit, Ramiz did an amazing job detailling the different options in Fleet Battle, showing the current status of the game and explaining different strategies that we would benefit from on our own or by working with GameBiz. In the end we decided to work with Gamebiz, due to great pricing and expertise of the team.
What our clients say about working with us.
James Crabb
Marketing and Business Development Director
GameBiz and Božo helped us through our transition from a single ad network to mediating our mobile ad inventory. Both a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgeable, we are very grateful for the best practice and learnings he shared with us... and sharing the best possible start we could have hoped for.
What our clients say about working with us.
Igor Simić
Nikola was key in turning our part-time studio into one of the most promising startups in the region. He recognised our potential and played a crucial role in two watershed moments: introducing us to Apple for our first commercially successful release and brokering a publishing deal for our second game.
What our clients say about working with us.
Simon Sicko
Nikola is a strong and highly valuable networker and business developer, with a vision for all the activities he participates in and builds capacity to follow it through. He is extremely systematic and structured in everything he does. What I highly admire about him is his eagerness for personal growth and continuous business hunger.
What our clients say about working with us.
Elio Bartos
Head of Analytics
Working with Božo is a real joy. He helped us improve our ad monetization with great placement ideas, continuous optimization, and UI changes. With him, we are always sure we are up to date with all industry trends and that our ad monetization is at maximum level.
What our clients say about working with us.
Kaan Ortabaş
GameBiz's team constantly looks for ways to improve revenue and provide key recommendations. We are amazed at how invested in the success of our company they are. Apart from that, all the while optimizing, GameBiz had our strategic interest as part of their agenda—providing the best user experience possible.
What our clients say about working with us.
Alisa Spodyneyko
Senior Analyst
This Our collaboration with Božo on our popular ZooCraft: Animal Family game proved a great ROI for Creative Mobile. Božo managed to significantly improve our ad ARPDAU and eCPMs (with no development efforts) as well as to provide great suggestions for in-game optimizations to further improve our performance.
What our clients say about working with us.
Marija Ilić
Chief Product Officer
We wanted to improve ads performance at our games Woka Woka and Viola's Quest and needed someone who will take care of it. His work has significantly improved ads performance in our games - both through the mediation and new placements within the games. I would always choose him and GameBiz for a partner.
What our clients say about working with us.
Rituraj Behera
CEO & Founder
GameBiz delivered a tremendous ARPDAU impact with such a streamlined setup. We were amazed by their efforts, from their floor setup to revenue growth and fill rate improvement.
What our clients say about working with us.
Marko Dimitrijević
Chief Marketing Officer
We at Sozap have developed a great partnership and friendship with Božo and GameBiz Consulting. Božo's professionalism is something that "bought" us from the start when we began our cooperation. I would strongly recommend him to all companies that are looking to level up their ad performance.
Partners we work with to grow your app
Ad Networks
We have experience with all the top ad networks, including Self-Aggregating Platforms as well as all the other ad networks and DSPs.
MMP Partners
A data-driven approach is indispensable when it comes to User Acquisition services, and we have experience with the biggest MMP providers.
We can help you with
With years of experience of working with stakeholders in the gaming and other industries, we can bring deep insight and understanding of the specificities of the gaming landscape.
Unveiling your gaming masterpiece
Stepping into the gaming arena with a new app or game? We're your corner crew, ensuring a flawless debut. Our expertise spans numerous successful launches, crafting strategies that align with your unique business objectives.
Strategic campaign management
Our team has steered multi-million dollar campaigns to success across all key user acquisition platforms. Whether it's a game or an app, we're your navigators in the dynamic landscape of campaign strategy and execution.
Revitalizing your marketing approach
Need a fresh set of eyes to invigorate your user acquisition efforts? We delve deep into your current strategies, identifying opportunities for enhancement. Let us be the catalyst for your game or app’s improved performance.

What we get asked often

What Is Mobile User Acquisition and How Can GameBiz Help Me Set It Up?

Mobile user acquisition (UA) is the process of attracting and acquiring new users for your mobile app or game. GameBiz Consulting specializes in managing campaigns on various platforms, such as Google, Meta, Applovin, and more, to help you grow your player base. Our service includes complete setup from campaign creation to daily monitoring of campaign performance, creative optimization, and setting up reporting with client MMPs like Appsflyer, Adjust, Singular, etc.

What Types Of Campaigns Does Gamebiz Specialize In For App User Acquisition?

GameBiz Consulting offers a range of campaign types, including Mobile App Install, Value & ROAS optimized, Purchase or Event optimized, and Retention optimized campaigns. This ensures that your user acquisition strategy for mobile games is tailored to meet specific goals such as increasing installs, maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS), or improving user retention.

How Does Gamebiz Support Mobile Game User Acquisition Through Creative Optimization?

Creative optimization is crucial in mobile game user acquisition. GameBiz helps by monitoring the performance of your creatives and optimizing them based on results and creative fatigue. We pause low-performing creatives and provide suggestions to clients based on the results of the best-performing ones. This ensures that your ads remain fresh and continue to attract users effectively.

What Kind Of Support Can I Expect From GameBiz?

Through a dedicated user acquisition manager, GameBiz provides you with comprehensive support, including Slack support with a response time of 2-4 hours during working hours, weekly meetings with clients, and a weekly optimization and reported log of changes. This ensures that you are always in the loop and can make informed decisions regarding your campaigns. We also provide a detailed monthly report that includes important KPIs and progress, such as Trends of Installs, Spend, ROAS, CPI, Top Performing Creatives, and Recommendations/Next Steps. This helps in evaluating the effectiveness of your user acquisition strategy for mobile games.

Can GameBiz Help Me With Launching Ua Activities For A Newly Published Game?

Yes, GameBiz offers a Launch of UA activities service where we do an analysis of the market and UA networks that fit your budget and game goals. We complete the setup of the campaign and suggest and make the best plan for tracking and reporting performance. This is particularly beneficial if you have published your game and want to start UA activities to grow further.

What Does The UA Strategy Service Entail?

The UA Strategy service includes quarterly or yearly strategy planning. It involves an in-depth analysis of UA Performance, competitor analysis, positioning, budgeting, and strategic planning with detailed plans for each quarter, including ROAS predictions and an execution plan. This is crucial for developing a robust mobile game user acquisition strategy.

How Does GameBiz Ensure Transparency And Communication With Clients?

GameBiz Consulting believes in maintaining transparency and open communication with clients. We provide Slack support, weekly meetings, and detailed reports to keep you informed about the progress of your campaigns. Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to achieve the best results.

Does Our Team Need To Provide The Creatives For The Campaigns?

Your team has the option to provide creatives if you have specific designs in mind. However, to get you started, GameBiz Consulting will provide one free simple creative in all formats - square, landscape, and portrait based on gameplay for your game for the first launch. This allows you to kickstart your campaign without any hassle. Moving forward, GameBiz can continue to assist with creative optimization and suggestions to ensure the effectiveness of your ads and user acquisition strategy.

What Is The Price Range For GameBiz's User Acquisition Services?

At GameBiz, we understand that every developer has unique needs and budget constraints. Therefore, we offer multiple payment models to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Our pricing options include fixed rates, a percentage of additional profits generated through our services, as well as several hybrid models that combine different pricing structures. Our goal is to provide flexibility and tailor our services to align with your objectives and budget. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss the options and find a model that best suits your needs.