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We provide mobile game monetization services to
developers worldwide. With the best game monetization strategies and insider expertise, we can help you grow your ad revenue to new heights.
Increase your revenue by 126%
*Average ad revenue increase for previous, casual, mid-size game projects
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Ad monetization is a great way to generate profit with your game

How to optimize monetization of a mobile game?

Game Developers worldwide are using ads to monetize their games and apps. From hyper-casual to mid-core and hardcore games, games of all genres make significant revenues through ads.

However, making money from ads can be difficult without prior knowledge and constant optimization. This is where GameBiz Consulting comes in.

We work with developers to ensure they generate the highest revenue possible from ads in their games and apps.

Mobile game monetization statistics

In 2019, ads generated $13.8B and accounted for almost 20% of all games’ revenues.

In-game advertising revenue is predicted to grow faster than IAP in the next few years – to a staggering $35B by 2024.

According to our internal research, over 91% of top-grossing games use in-app advertising. Moreover, games that generate most of their revenues from IAP also use in-app advertising.

So how can you make sure that your ads are effective and generate revenue for your game?
GameBiz and Božo helped us through our transition from a single ad network to mediating our mobile ad inventory. Both a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgeable, we are very grateful for the best practice and learnings he shared with us... and sharing the best possible start we could have hoped for.
James Crabb Wargaming
James Crabb, Marketing and Business Development Director, Wargaming
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We’ve found the best way to monetize a mobile game and increase
your ad revenue. Every game we worked on experienced
an increase in ad revenue, some as high as 1240%!

Here is how we work

We work with all gaming ad networks and apply the latest
techniques and best practices in your game and app.
Your accounts, full transparency.
Stage I
Audit and

Our experts will perform an in-depth analysis of the game and present a detailed report featuring growth opportunities and recommended changes based on:

  • IAP and ad revenue KPI’s
  • Ad placements
  • Ad formats
  • Waterfall setup
  • System design
  • User segmentation
  • Ad networks
  • Best industry practices
Stage II
Setup and implementation

Following the audit and an in-depth presentation of our recommendations and proposed activities we will prepare an implementation plan that includes:

  • Prioritization of recommended changes
  • Ad Network/mediation setup & optimization
  • Implementation of new ad formats & placements
  • Optimization of existing ad placements
  • Performance checks and change analysis
Stage III
and growth

Without ongoing management and optimization, you start losing revenue immediately. We make sure that you are constantly optimizing & growing by:

  • A/B testing
  • Designing ad placements for new game features
  • Managing waterfall and mediation setups
  • Managing partner relations with ad Networks
  • Resolving issues that are introduced with new content
  • Bringing lucrative new business opportunities

What clients say about our services

GameBiz and Božo helped us through our transition from a single ad network to mediating our mobile ad inventory. Both a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgeable, we are very grateful for the best practice and learnings he shared with us... and sharing the best possible start we could have hoped for.
James Crabb Wargaming
James Crabb, Marketing and Business Development Director, Wargaming
Working with GameBiz and Božo is a real joy. They helped us to improve our ad performance with great placement ideas, continuous optimization, and UI changes. With GameBiz team, we are always sure we are up to date with all industry trends and that our ad performance is at maximum level.
James Crabb Wargaming
Elio Bartoš, Head of Analytics, Nanobit
We wanted to improve ads performance at our games Woka Woka and Viola's Quest and needed someone who will take care of it. Božo's professional and very detailed approach to each problem was the first step towards a very successful cooperation. His work has significantly improved ads performance in our games - both through the mediation and new placements within the games. Božo is a very reliable person and always up to date with the industry trends. I would always choose him and GameBiz for a partner.
James Crabb Wargaming
Marija Ilić, Chief Product Officer, Two Desperados
We started working with GameBiz because we wanted to improve our ads related operations and performance. This collaboration on our popular ZooCraft: Animal Family game proved a great ROI for Creative Mobile. GameBiz team managed to significantly improve our ad ARPDAU and eCPMs (with no development efforts) as well as to provide great suggestions for in-game optimizations to further improve our performance.
James Crabb Wargaming
Alisa Spodyneyko, Senior Analyst, Creative Mobile
Nikola is strong and highly valuable networker and business developer. He always creates a vision for all the activities he participates in and builds capacity to follow it through. He is extremely systematic and structured in everything he does. What I highly admire about him is his eagerness for personal growth and continuous business hunger. Nikola is authentic and sincere, always willing to share his knowledge and listen to you.
James Crabb Wargaming
Šimon Šicko, CEO, Pixel Federation
Nikola was key in turning our part-time studio into one of the most promising startups in the region. He recognised our potential and played a crucial role in two watershed moments:  One, introducing us to Apple for our first commercially successful release and two, brokering a publishing deal for our second game, which enabled the team to start working full time.
James Crabb Wargaming
Igor Simić, CEO, Demagog Studio
We at Sozap have developed a great partnership and friendship with Božo and GameBiz Consulting. Božo helped us a lot to scale the ads in our game Armed Heist. His professionalism is something that "bought" us from the start when we began our cooperation. I would strongly recommend him to all companies that are looking to level up their Ad performance and increase the value that ads create for their business.
James Crabb Wargaming
Marko Dimitrijević, CMO, Sozap
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What is mobile game monetization?
Mobile game monetization is the process of earning money from your mobile game. There are different ways you can make money from games and apps, ranging from displaying affiliate ads to selling in-game products and consumables. The goal of showing ads in a game is to ensure the developers cover their development costs and, ultimately, start making money. Depending on your strategy, it can take as little as a few months or several years before you start seeing the ROI for your mobile game. This is why most developers work with game consulting services that can use the best industry practices to ensure the period before a game becomes profitable is as short as possible.
When should we consider video game or app monetization?
You should consider your game monetization strategy in the early stages of development. This will make the entire process easier as you already have a solid structure in place and build into the game’s mechanic. The revenue strategy you choose can affect the gameplay, levels, features, and other aspects of the experience.
How can we earn money from our mobile game or app?
There are various mobile game monetization models to consider, including in-app ads and purchases, subscriptions, one-time payments, and more. The type of the game or app your making will vastly influence the best revenue model for you. Monetization should always enhance your users' experience, and not deter them from using your game or app.
What is the best way to monetize our mobile game or app?
While developers have several strategies to choose from, in-app advertising has proven to be the most popular game monetization strategy in 2022. In-app advertising accounts for 20% of mobile game revenue. This is mainly because not all users can afford to pay for various features like in-game consumables and cosmetic items. Mobile ads benefits players, developers, and advertisers alike. Players can continue enjoying their experience for free. Developers can earn revenue to cover their costs and keep producing quality content. Finally, advertisers have a chance to reach new audiences.
How do I plan my game or app monetization strategy?
Many developers make the mistake of not considering mobile app game monetization until the end of the development process. If you want to develop an effective ad monetization strategy, you need to plan it out in the early stages or hire a professional service to help create one. Game monetization may affect certain aspects of the gameplay, and many of the game’s features and strategies will center around it. Therefore, you need to consider an optimal ad strategy as soon as you start development to ensure your game revenue model and gameplay complement each other.
What is the best ad network for my mobile game or app?
Ad networks are a direct link between the game and the advertisers. They help advertisers reach their ideal audience and help developers make money from their games. There are many ad networks for mobile games to choose from, and selecting the best ones is based on several factors, including their rates, targeting options, ad formats, high eCPMs, and more. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to determine which mobile ad network is the best without knowing the type of game you are developing, your target audience, game monetization model, and other factors.
How much can we make from our mobile game or app?
Mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries, currently worth over $93.2 billion and accounting for 52% of the global market. The games that rank in the top 50 earn just under $50,000 daily, with the top 5 games earning a staggering $750,000 per day. Mobile game ads make up 56% of that revenue for casual games. In 2020, the total number of mobile game downloads was 80 billion. Mobile game revenue accounted for 66% of total App Store revenue in the same year. Players are expected to spend $138 billion by 2025. Google Play generates more revenue than iOS, which might do with ad monetization with and without IDFA. The most popular mobile genre games are puzzle games, casino games, and RPGs.
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