Financial management for creative tech companies

Level up your gaming studio's finances with our bespoke financial management services.
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Our goal is to free up the time you and your team would normally have to spend on non-core activities and to provide you with actual added value, in the form of practical, actionable advice and guidance based on proven industry expertise.
We've assembled a team of industry veterans, with experience working in and with market leaders in the areas of finance, tax, video game and software development. We speak your language and know about opportunities and risks you will face down the road.
What you get
We will relieve you of small-time decisions entirely and help you make the big-time decisions concerning your company’s financial well-being.    
Managing day-to-day finances
We will take managing your day-to-day finances off your plate entirely, so you don’t have to worry about whether an appropriate invoice arrived/was sent, whether a given expense is deductible and whether the monthly salary payments went through.
Salaries and incentives
We will help you make informed decisions on appropriate salary models for your co-founders and team members, on applicable tax incentives and on how to structure an incoming or outgoing investment.
Cash flow control
We will give you a clear and concise overview of how much cash you are spending, what your main cash sinks are and what your revenue streams look like.
Budgeting and forecasting
We will help you budget your projects, and plan and forecast your income and expenses, so you have a picture of where your company’s finances are going.
Level up your finances with GameBiz Consulting
Services we provide
Financial management services
We focus on the big picture and provide you with C-level support.
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Full scope accounting services
We focus on day-to-day operations in an agile and hands-on way.
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Both service categories can be provided independently, working with already existing resources within or outside your organization. 
However, we believe that we can provide the biggest value through the synergy realized by providing both types of services at the same time.
Our financial management services
We provide you with an experienced part-time/fractional chief financial officer (CFO) who manages your company finances, oversees tax and accounting processes and assists stakeholders in making the big decisions
Cash flow recording & forecasting
As they say, cash is king, so we help with a clear picture of how long your runway is and what the resources at your disposal are to make investments, raise team salaries etc.

We will provide precise tracking of where your cash is coming from and where it's going, how much cash you are likely to have in 3, 6 or 12 months etc.
Budgeting & planning
By failing to plan, one could be planning to fail, so we help with budgeting methodologies, templates, advice and guidance. We can draft and update budgets and plans, whether you are making single product development budgets for publishers and investors or even a company wide budget for the next financial year.

Further, we can help you structure and plan employee and founder compensation schemes such as bonuses, stock options etc.
Scouting incentives and external funding sources
Its hard to keep track of everything while running a team or company, so we provide an extra set of eyes and ears focused on identifying what tax incentives could apply to your business, whether its R&D double deductions or salary tax reductions, IP box regimes which reduce your income tax or favorable founder incentive schemes.

In addition, we keep track of various external financing sources, such as NGO or government funds, EU funds ets. Once an opportunity is identified we help you implement it and keep it running smoothly.
Structuring assistance
Almost every company decision, big or small, will have tax implications, whether it's in the form of immediate expenses or some other headache down the road. This is even more true when it comes to game-changing events, such as when buying real estate, processing an exit or investment, opening a holding company abroad or performing a due diligence analysis.

We help you with spotting potential pitfalls on time and coming up with structures which cost you less and won’t lead to deal-breakers in the future.
Facilitating Communication
Whether its banks, tax authorities, fund managers or investors, you will have to talk with various third parties either during your day to day work or within extraordinary circumstances, such as investments, tax audits or switching a payment services provider.

It helps to have some extra muscle and brain power on your side of the table in these situations, so we help with advice, guidance and research so you can make informed decisions.
Full scope accounting services
We provide you with a one-stop shop solution, where our people take care of all the day-to-day bookkeeping and administrative tasks necessary to keep your company running smoothly.
Proactive and agile
We firmly believe that, much like justice, a service delayed is a service denied. As such, we strive to be proactive and available, so that you can get the information and feedback you need when you need it, without having to ask for it. If it's something we can solve quickly, we will do our best to solve it immediately and if not, we respond swiftly to set up a feasible timeline and action plan.
Keep it simple!
Whether it's our internal process applicable to processing invoices or the way we send payslips to your employees, we don’t let entrenched practices or professional dogma stand in the way of doing things in a simpler and more efficient manner. As such, we are always on the lookout for a simpler way of doing things, as long as it doesn’t impact the substance.
Reflect & review
We strive to be more than a compliance service provider, which is why we take the time to get a good look at what is really going on in your company, rather than just retyping numbers from one spreadsheet to another. This way we are better at spotting opportunities and risks, whether it's a chance to save some money on VAT or other payroll taxes now or a change in legislation which could be problematic down the road. We keep our client base lean and curated so that we can devote the appropriate time and resources to each client, according to their needs.
Digital & lightweight
Both to protect your time and the environment, we keep everything that we can on the cloud and exchange information via email, chat services or by phone. No need to ferry papers back and forth or stockpile them in basements somewhere, unless absolutely necessary or required by law.