Business development
for game studios

At GameBiz, we enable game developers to focus on what they do best – creating great games, while we take care of “business stuff”, from licensing your favorite sports club to international publishing deals.
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Sourcing funding and connecting with publishers

We believe in your creativity and your potential to make great games. And we’d love to play your games. But before we get the opportunity to try them on our favourite platforms you’ll need the right funding & publishing partner that can bring the game to light.

Prepare for a long journey consisting of market research, cold calling, pitching, negotiating, and ultimately legal minefield. All of these activities are incredibly important, but also time-consuming, energy-sapping, and potentially crippling for your game IP and studio future if not done correctly.

By bringing us on board, we will leverage our expertise and network to not only get you through this journey much faster but with an outcome that is favourable and protective of your game and the studio.

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Licensing and partnerships

At GameBiz, we have built expertise by negotiating and signing over a hundred agreements with sports clubs, service providers, global brands and top celebrities.

NFL, Jose Mourinho, FC Barcelona, Mercedes Benz, Gillette, Pepsi are just some of the entities we have worked with during our careers.

We know how to structure & negotiate licensing agreements, what brands really care about, how to approach the top celebrities and how to get the most value for the money out of a service provider.

With us in your corner, you are guaranteed to emerge from any deal with a better outcome.

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Nikola was key in turning our part-time studio into one of the most promising startups in the region. He recognised our potential and played a crucial role in two watershed moments:  One, introducing us to Apple for our first commercially successful release and two, brokering a publishing deal for our second game, which enabled the team to start working full time.
James Crabb Wargaming
Igor Simić, CEO, Demagog Studio
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