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From opening the doors for newcomers to the industry, to optimizing monetization, negotiating and closing deals—we provide top-level consulting services.
What our clients say about working with us.
James Crabb
Marketing and Business Development Director
GameBiz and Božo helped us through our transition from a single ad network to mediating our mobile ad inventory. Both a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgeable, we are very grateful for the best practice and learnings he shared with us... and sharing the best possible start we could have hoped for.
What our clients say about working with us.
Martin Giaco
During the UA audit, Ramiz did an amazing job detailling the different options in Fleet Battle, showing the current status of the game and explaining different strategies that we would benefit from on our own or by working with GameBiz. In the end we decided to work with Gamebiz, due to great pricing and expertise of the team.
What our clients say about working with us.
Igor Simić
Nikola was key in turning our part-time studio into one of the most promising startups in the region. He recognised our potential and played a crucial role in two watershed moments: introducing us to Apple for our first commercially successful release and brokering a publishing deal for our second game.
What our clients say about working with us.
Simon Sicko
Nikola is a strong and highly valuable networker and business developer, with a vision for all the activities he participates in and builds capacity to follow it through. He is extremely systematic and structured in everything he does. What I highly admire about him is his eagerness for personal growth and continuous business hunger.
What our clients say about working with us.
Elio Bartos
Head of Analytics
Working with Božo is a real joy. He helped us improve our ad monetization with great placement ideas, continuous optimization, and UI changes. With him, we are always sure we are up to date with all industry trends and that our ad monetization is at maximum level.
What our clients say about working with us.
Kaan Ortabaş
GameBiz's team constantly looks for ways to improve revenue and provide key recommendations. We are amazed at how invested in the success of our company they are. Apart from that, all the while optimizing, GameBiz had our strategic interest as part of their agenda—providing the best user experience possible.
What our clients say about working with us.
Alisa Spodyneyko
Senior Analyst
This Our collaboration with Božo on our popular ZooCraft: Animal Family game proved a great ROI for Creative Mobile. Božo managed to significantly improve our ad ARPDAU and eCPMs (with no development efforts) as well as to provide great suggestions for in-game optimizations to further improve our performance.
What our clients say about working with us.
Marija Ilić
Chief Product Officer
We wanted to improve ads performance at our games Woka Woka and Viola's Quest and needed someone who will take care of it. His work has significantly improved ads performance in our games - both through the mediation and new placements within the games. I would always choose him and GameBiz for a partner.
What our clients say about working with us.
Rituraj Behera
CEO & Founder
GameBiz delivered a tremendous ARPDAU impact with such a streamlined setup. We were amazed by their efforts, from their floor setup to revenue growth and fill rate improvement.
What our clients say about working with us.
Marko Dimitrijević
Chief Marketing Officer
We at Sozap have developed a great partnership and friendship with Božo and GameBiz Consulting. Božo's professionalism is something that "bought" us from the start when we began our cooperation. I would strongly recommend him to all companies that are looking to level up their ad performance.
Božo Janković
March 25, 2024
What are Skip-Its and How Will They Affect Ad Monetization in 2024
Skip-its, also known as skips, skipits and tickets offer the player an option to earn an in-game reward from a rewarded video ad without watching it.
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What we get asked often

What do game consultants do?

A game consultant is someone who provides advice and guidance to businesses or individuals who are looking to succeed in the video game industry. They typically have a deep understanding of the video game market and can offer insights into what types of games are popular, which platforms are most successful, and what business strategies could be used to make a particular game more successful. In some cases, a game consultant may also be involved in the development process itself, offering feedback and suggestions on how to improve the game.

Why hire a gaming consultant?

Game consultants can be incredibly valuable to companies or individuals who are looking to get into the video game industry but don’t have a lot of experience with the market. By offering their expertise and insights, they can help steer a gaming business in the right direction and make sure that their games are successful. If you’re thinking about getting into the video game industry, working with a game consultant could be a great way to get started.

Why choose GameBiz as a partner?

GameBiz is a game consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses or individuals thrive in the video game industry. If you’re looking to grow your video gaming business, we can help you navigate the market and find the right strategies for success. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and objectives, and then we’ll provide our expert guidance on how to best achieve them. Whether you’re looking to launch a new game or grow an existing one, we can help you reach your goals.

How does GameBiz work with their clients?

After determining the scope and complexity of the challenge, and agreeing on the terms of collaboration, we assign an expert who will be responsible day-to-day for your application.