Who we are
We love video games. Each of us has a different journey of how we fell in love with video games and when we joined the industry, but what we all have in common is our passion for this industry. That’s why we dedicated our professional careers to build a thriving future for the gaming industry, and we are on a mission to enable all our clients to achieve their growth potential by providing knowledge and access.
Our team has decades of experience in playing, publishing and monetizing video games and comes with a vast network of contacts that is at the disposal of our clients. The video games industry is first and foremost about the people, and we are proud to call many of them our friends.

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Team leadership
We're a small, select team of experts led by industry veterans.
Nikola Čavić
Božo Janković
Head of Ad Monetization
Pavle Kutlešić
Head of Tax and Finance
Ramiz Trtovac
Head of User Acquisition
...and our specialists
Ivona Pinjak
Ad Monetization Specialist
Ivona Pinjak
Passionate about video games and fantasy worlds, Ivona is always looking for ways to boost a client’s ad revenue. She’s worked on dozens of games, improving their ad monetization strategy. Regardless of the game genre, mediation, or network, Ivona has a flawless track record of helping developers increase their ad revenue.
Damjan Kačar
Ad Monetization Specialist
Damjan Kačar
Damjan is a serial dabbler who enjoys employing different disciplines to solve complex problems. No matter how big or small the game is, he draws on his knowledge and experience to significantly increase ad revenue. As an amateur game designer and user experience enthusiast, Damjan is keen on making the games he works on as amazing as possible.
Ana Rajić
Ad Monetization Specialist
Ana Rajić
With an extensive background in business development, administration, and finances Ana takes a proactive approach to her work and her clients benefit greatly from her expertise. She is extremely passionate about casual and puzzle games and has a profound understanding of how to better monetize them.
Jovan Ristić
Digital Marketing Manager
Jovan Ristić
A digital marketing manager with more than ten years of experience in SEO, SEM, content, and social media marketing, Jovan combines analytic and marketing skills with a passion for storytelling rooted in his love of narrative video games. As a writer, Jovan has written the first resident immersive theater production in Belgrade, 'In His Mind'.
Lav Kozakijević
Associate Business Analyst
Lav Kozakijević
Lav keeps an eye on the state of the gaming industry, emerging monetization possibilities, and how changes in the landscape influence developers and publishers. He enjoys building products that make lives of developers and publishers alike. Lav has a decade long obsession with why and how people make seemingly irrational decisions.
Be professional
We are professionals. We approach each problem with optimism, ambition and curiosity. We deliver results through teamwork, competence and accountability. We behave at the highest ethical standards, at all times. We treat our clients, partners and co-workers fairly, honestly and with respect.
Thrive together
We Inspire and support each other to achieve great things. We structure our work environment so each person is enabled to create their best work and achieve their maximum potential. Paramount to maintaining this free and creative culture is respect for the opinions, ideas, and feelings of others.
Learn continuously
We believe learning is fundamental to human flourishing. We set ambitious goals, measure ourselves against results, and continually iterate towards improvement. We value feedback as an essential part of improvement. We see learning as more than just acquiring new knowledge and skills. It’s about learning from our experiences, good and bad ones.
Create fun
We believe in having fun in and out of work. Whether it’s taking a break together to enjoy a delicious lunch or competing in our favourite tabletop and video games, we’ve created a culture and space where playful creativity can thrive.
Be frugal
We are obsessed with doing more with less, for ourselves and for our clients. We are intentional and efficient when using resources and focus on the value.