How Masala Express grew its ad revenue by 108%
Within a week, our experts doubled the revenue and significantly increased ARPDAU, setting a new normal for the 10M+ downloaded game.
Average daily revenue increase
Total increase in ARPDAU
Total increase in eCPM
Masala Express

Masala Express is a fast-paced cooking game. The objective of the game is to cook and serve food to customers. The gameplay features many recipes and upgrades to unlock as you progress.

Masala Express was released on Android in June 2017 and iOS in November 2017.

Unlocking the potential of ad monetization of Masala Express
The challenge

A great game with plenty of downloads, Masala Express struggled with low levels of ad ARPDAU and daily ad revenue.

For the great team working at Cympl Studios, the only thing missing was expertise about ad monetization.

The solution

Cympl Studios opted for a short-term, low-key engagement and together we made a plan of activities that would make the most impact for the game.

We evaluated their system up to that moment, uncovered bottlenecks, checked all required network policy compliances, and started making adjustments to their ad monetization setup.

The results

Changes were visible within days of making adjustments—revenue doubled, reaching its peak at 108%, and stabilizing at 97% growth in average daily ad revenue.

By working with our experts, Cympl Studios returned their investment in less than two months and went on generating 2x revenue from ad monetization in Masala Express.

Services we provided
Building the setup from scratch on iOS
Optimizing the setup on Android
Fill rate improvement
Ensuring compliance with network policies
Transition from non-bidding to bidding
GameBiz delivered a tremendous ARPDAU impact with such a streamlined setup. We were amazed by their efforts, from their floor setup to revenue growth and fill rate improvement.
James Crabb Wargaming
Rituraj Behera
CEO & Founder
Cympl Studios

Cympl Studios is an independent mobile game development and publishing company. Their mission is to make casual gaming more fun, engaging, and immersive.

They've worked across various genres, from time management to board games. Their team has created outstanding art, unique storylines, and thrilling gameplay, all while working remotely.

Cympl Studios
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