The Most Important Things You Need To Know About The Offerwall
Learn everything you need to know about offerwall, how much offerwall ads pay, how to best implement them and more.
Jovan Ristic

The offerwall ad format is a unique way to monetize your mobile game through ads. It allows users to complete tasks in return for rewards, most commonly hard in-game currency. Offerwalls are a great way to integrate ads into the gaming experience and give users a chance to interact with the ads in exchange for a valuable in-game reward.


What Is An Offerwall?

Offerwall is an ad format that allows users to watch ads, complete surveys, and take other actions in exchange for in-game rewards.

Some offerwall ads will also give users a chance to complete surveys or download apps and receive a reward.

Offerwalls work within the concept of an immersive user experience that lets users feel like they're making a choice on whether or not to engage with the ad, rather than just having it forced upon them. Offerwalls provide users with a choice of watching ads rather than creating a frustrating and intrusive ad experience for users.

How Does An Offerwall Work?

Offerwalls are often implemented as a part of the app rather than an external element, such as an interstitial ad. As such, they resemble an in-game store more than anything else.

Adding an offerwall to your mobile game or app can help you increase revenue by adding UI elements that help users access offers when they need them the most. Most commonly, the offerwall is integrated within the game’s store.

Your mobile offerwall presents players with a variety of objectives to complete in exchange for rewards. Users will be able to choose between several different actions:

· In-App engagement (Creating an account, linking an account, or completing a level).

· Mobile web engagement (Signing up for a subscription or trial, shopping at the target website).

· Engaging with an interactive end screen (Completing an ad in the form of a mini-game).

· Taking a rewarded survey.

· Watching a rewarded video.

The most common offer type is the first - the user is asked to download a specific game and reach a certain level in exchange for earning a hard currency reward in the game they are currently playing.

How Much Does an Offerwall Earn?

Mobile gamers love rewarded ads. In fact, they depend on them. According to a study conducted by Tapjoy, if a game developer removed the offerwall, 45% of players stated they would quit the game if they ran out of in-game currency.

According to the same study, offerwalls can have an eCPM as high as $1500 depending on the device and location, with an average of $400 across different categories.

The daily monetization rates for a single offerwall user range from $0.07 and $0.33 on Android and an average of $0.20 across multiple genres in the US.

Which Offerwall Ad Networks Are There?

The offerwall market has consolidated significantly over the past few years. At the moment, there are only a handful of providers in this space, most notably ironSource and Fyber. Tapjoy was another big player in this space, but it was acquired by ironSource recently.

The Benefits Of Offerwalls

Offerwalls are a great way to extend the life cycle of your mobile game. They do this by encouraging users to continue playing after they've completed all levels or unlocked all content.

Developers can also use them to give the players a taste of the premium experience by offering a limited trial of IAP features. Finally, offering users the ability to interact with ads actively provides an engaging user experience.

Seamless Integration With The Gameplay Experience

Offerwalls can increase the effectiveness of your mobile game marketing by letting you integrate ad content with the gameplay in a natural way. Users are more likely to enjoy engaging with an ad when they have a chance to complete easy tasks in exchange for rewards. Offerwalls give advertisers access to high-value users who are interested in interacting with ad content and are incentivized to do so.

Monetize Non-Spenders

Offerwalls give developers a chance to maximize player value by monetizing non-spenders. They are less likely to make an in-app purchase but are likely to interact with the ad in exchange for a valuable reward.

Improves User Retention

Offerwalls help developers increase the average session length of users by offering them daily objectives to complete, which keeps them engaged and adds value to their experience with the app. Furthermore, offerwalls can help players stay in the game in exchange for completing an action.

The Challenges Of Offerwall Ads

Some of the most common challenges also include:

In-App Purchase Cannibalization

When it comes to in-app purchases, developers need to be careful not to offer too many rewards. This can cannibalize IAPs and make it difficult to maintain an economy. It's important to find a balance between not giving too few rewards and not giving away too many valuable ones. This can sometimes require a trial and error approach or doing A/B tests.

Low revenue potential on iOS

Due to Apple policy restrictions, engagement offers are not allowed on iOS devices. This means that the majority of offers that you would typically see in the offerwall are simply not available on iOS, which significantly limits offerwall revenue potential.


Best Offerwall Implementation Practices

Maximizing your mobile offerwall revenue will involve a lot of A/B testing, optimization, and customization. However, the reward can be more than worth the effort. Below are some of the best offerwall practices.

Setting An Appropriate Exchange Rate

An exchange rate is a number that tells you how many units of in-game currency (coins, gold, etc.) you will give to your users for every $1 that you make on the offerwall.

Developers have full control to set this exchange rate to their liking. However, you have to be careful. Setting a strict exchange rate will eliminate most offers, and users will have no or almost no offers to complete. This will result in low revenue for developers.

On the other hand, if you set up your exchange rate generously, users will see and complete many offers, which may negatively impact IAP revenue. So the real trick is finding the best exchange rate

Offerwall Special Promotions

Organizing special promotions, otherwise known as offerwall currency sales or double-credit promotions, can help boost your offerwall revenue. For a limited period of time, developers usually change their exchange rate on weekends (Friday - Monday) (make it 2x or several times more generous).

Communicating this to the users (so they are aware of this sale event) can result in a higher engagement rate, awareness, and revenue. Apart from the short-term revenue boost, this can also positively impact the long run. More users will be aware of the option to earn rewards via the offerwall.

Developers usually organize these sales events around big holidays, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc.

Segmentation and Customization

Once you’ve established a basic setup, you can start optimizing for even higher revenue. For example, you could customize the exchange rate for different user segments or different countries. Another option is to make the offerwall more visible for certain types of players.

Problems With Your Offerwall Monetization Strategy?

GameBiz Consulting can help. We’re experts in ad monetization for mobile games and can get you started or improve your current revenue from ads.

We know how important it is for developers to make money from their hard work. That’s why we offer a tailored approach. A full range of ad monetization services is available from the moment we begin working together, including deal negotiations with networks, system design, ad placement recommendations based on industry best practices, and ongoing optimization through A/B tests.

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