Game Consulting And Advisory

There are an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide, spending over 180 billion dollars annually. GameBiz provides consulting services to game development studios, brands and rights holders, and everyone else seeking opportunities within the video games industry to grow their business, expand brand presence, and engage this massive audience.


Industry Guidance

With millions of available games, multiple platforms, thousands of game developers and billions of gamers with different playing habits, the video games industry is tough to navigate, especially for an outsider. It is dynamic, fast-paced and incredibly competitive. However, it also incredibly rewarding for those who invest resources in understanding it. For companies that have recognized the importance of being present in the biggest entertainment industry, GameBiz offers bespoke services. From creating a licensing strategy for games to securing hit titles for product placement, GameBiz is uniquely positioned to help you accomplish your objectives. We typically advise Brands and the Right Holders with the following:

  • Market Entry Strategy & Execution 
  • Brand & Product Placement Opportunities 
  • Product & Event Activations 
  • Licensing & Sponsorships 
  • Industry Trends
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Game Developers

Figuring out how to design a game, recruit top talent, increase revenue and generally how to scale a company sustainably is an incredibly challenging task for anyone. We make it easier. We have a track record of building successful companies. Most of the challenges you will be facing as you grow, we have already been through and can help you make smarter decisions. We typically advise Game Developers with the following:

  • Strategy Setting & Execution 
  • Scaling Org & Teams 
  • Growth Opportunities 
  • Leadership & Management  
  • Industry Trends
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Access to Game Developers

South-East Europe is home to 250+ game development studios, and new ones are emerging on a weekly basis. Most of them are indie game developers, packed with talent and creativity, but lacking business expertise and budgets to travel and showcase their games. At GameBiz, we invest our time in developing a relationship with them. We take time to get to know them, understand their potential and identify the next big thing, which puts us in a unique position to help game publishers source content and secure partnerships in this region.

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