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We love video games. Each of us has a different journey of how they fell in love with the video games and when they joined the industry, but what we all have in common is our passion for this industry. That’s why we dedicated our professional careers to build a thriving future for the games industry by helping game makers do their beautiful creative job with ease.

At GameBiz, our mission is to create opportunities for our clients that will meaningfully grow their business. Since we started,  we have been trusted by dozens of companies, from indie game developers to global publishing giants. Regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of the task, we will always bring our best to the table.

Our team has decades of experience of creating, publishing and monetizing video games and comes with a vast network of contacts that is at the disposal of our clients. The video games industry is first and foremost about the people, and we are proud to call many of them our friends.

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Nikola Čavić

Nikola started his career in the games industry in 2007, when he joined CCP games. Over the next 5 years, he was responsible for the global digital distribution of EVE Online. After that, he spent 7 years as a Head of Business Development at Nordeus, where he was instrumental in growing Top Eleven Football Manager to reach 200 million players and be one of the most successful sports games ever made. He also founded the Serbian Games Association in 2018. Today, he is a CEO at GameBiz and an advisor to multiple companies.

Božo Janković
Business Development Manager

Božo is an expert in maximizing revenue in games. At GameBiz, he is helping game developers realize the full advertising revenue potential of their games. He previously worked at Nordeus, where he was managing partnerships and ad monetization business, generating millions of dollars in ad revenue. In the past 4 years, he has worked on a diverse portfolio of games, including, sports, match-three, strategy as well as idle and narrative-driven games. He has worked with small indie teams and with industry giants with thousands of employees. Božo is also actively engaged as a speaker in the Mobile Dev Memo Academy and various other industry groups and initiatives.

Miroslav Mićević
Publishing Manager

Miroslav began his career in the games industry as a business development manager at indie development studio Zero Gravity. While working on the multiplayer space survival game Hellion, he led the charge of the business, marketing, PR, publishing, and communications for the studio. He joined Roaming Solutions Group as Strategic Planning Director for game development, overseeing and directing development and publishing of the company’s video game projects. He's a passionate gamer and a freelance philosopher.

Ivona Pinjak
Associate Business Analyst

Passion for video games and fantasy worlds drew Ivona to the gaming industry. As a Traffic and Transportation engineer, with more than 2 years of experience in Logistics and Transportation, she specializes in research, analytics, and problem-solving. During the week she takes a deep dive into realms of video games, looking for ways to turn gems into money. She's a completionist, so if there is anything hidden in your game, she will find it.

Lav Kozakijević
Associate Business Analyst

Lav keeps an eye on the state of the gaming industry, emerging monetization possibilities, and how changes in the landscape influence developers and publishers. A newcomer to the gaming industry, Lav previously worked with early-stage businesses as an independent positioning and brand strategist. He has a decade long obsession with why and how people make seemingly irrational decisions.

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