At GameBiz, we enable game developers to focus on what they do best – creating great games, while we take care of “business stuff”, from commercial strategy to international publishing deals.

Need a publisher for your game? GameBiz can help you find the right one.

We believe in your creativity and your potential to make great games. And we’d love to play your games. But before we get the opportunity to try them on our favorite platforms you’ll need the right publishing partner that can bring the game to light. Prepare for a long journey consisting of market research, cold calling, pitching, negotiating, and ultimately legal minefield. All of these activities are incredibly important, but also time-consuming, energy-sapping, and potentially crippling for your game IP and studio future if not done correctly.  By bringing us on board, we will leverage our expertise and network to not only get you through this journey much faster but with an outcome that is favorable and protective of your game and the studio.

Pitch Deck Review

  • Send us your pitch deck
  • Get 5 improvement tips
  • Get the reply in less than 48 hours

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Pitching Strategy

  • Well-structured pitch deck
  • Communication strategy for pitching
  • Typical pitching pitfalls and ways to avoid them
  • Get ready to meet the publishers
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GameBiz Pro

  • Get us on board
  • Market positioning for your game
  • Budget planning
  • Shortlisting and screening publishers
  • Negotiating the best terms
  • Sign the publishing deal
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