Publishers & Investors

Belgrade, Serbia is our home. Belgrade was selected by Startup Genome 2019 report as one of the hottest gaming ecosystems in Europe. We at GameBiz are at the heart of the new creative wave that is coming from South-East Europe. We are your gateway into this region.

Investment Opportunities

South-East Europe region is primed for massive growth. Success stories such as Outfit 7 from Slovenia, Nordeus from Serbia, Pixel Federation from Slovakia, Croteam from Croatia and a few others have paved the way for dozens of new studios that are emerging and shaking things up on a global level. The next unicorn will emerge here in the near future and GameBiz can be your eyes and ears, helping you catch that wave on time.

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Access to Game Developers

South-East Europe is home to 250+ game development studios, and new ones are emerging on a weekly basis. Most of them are indie game developers, packed with talent and creativity, but lacking business expertise and budgets to travel and showcase their games. At GameBiz, we invest our time in developing a relationship with them. We take time to get to know them, understand their potential and identify the next big thing, which puts us in a unique position to help game publishers source content and secure partnerships in this region.

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