Game Developers

At GameBiz, we enable Game Developers to focus on what they do best – creating games, while we take care of “business stuff”, from commercial strategy to international publishing deals.

Publishing & Distribution

Whether you have a game idea that needs funding or a live game that you want to publish in the Chinese market, or you need advice on how to get that featuring spot – GameBiz offers access to publishers, platforms and distribution channels that will maximize the reach and sales potential of your game. We also offer Publishing & Funding Readiness audits where we review your pitch decks and strategy.

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Licensing & Partnerships

At GameBiz, we have built expertise by signing over one hundred licensing agreements with sports clubs, car brands and top celebrities. We know when is the right time to engage in a conversation about licensing, how to approach the right holders and how to get the most value for the money. We also offer Licensing Landscape reports for several game categories.

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Ad Monetization

Ad revenue accounts for most of the growth in revenues in the video games sector. GameBiz offers a tailored approach that starts with an audit and can extend into all aspects of the ad monetization management, including waterfall management, deal negotiations with networks, ad placement recommendations based on industry best practices, optimization through A/B tests, etc. All of this is done on your behalf, with everything staying under your account and supervision.

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Networking Master Class

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”. Employees are your ambassadors. Levelling up their networking skills will have a dramatic impact on how well they represent the company, recruit new employees, and solve problems. Based on 15 years of working with the industry leaders, super-connectors and influencers, we have developed a Networking Master Class that will equip your employees with practical examples of how to create new and leverage existing relationships to accomplish goals and become true ambassadors of your business.

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