Brands & Rights Holders

There are an estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, spending over 150 billion dollars annually. GameBiz provides consulting services to brands and rights holders seeking opportunities within the video games industry to grow their business, expand brand presence and increase customer engagement.

Industry Guidance

With millions of available games, multiple platforms, thousands of game developers and billions of gamers with different playing habits, the video games industry is tough to navigate, especially for an outsider. It is dynamic, fast-paced and incredibly competitive. However, it also incredibly rewarding for those who invest resources in understanding it. For companies that have recognized the importance of being present in the biggest entertainment industry, GameBiz offers bespoke services. From creating a licensing strategy for games to securing hit titles for product placement, GameBiz is uniquely positioned to help you accomplish your objectives.

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At GameBiz, our people have negotiated hundreds of licensing deals on behalf of game developers for their games. From football to racing and everything in between, we know how game developers think, what they need and how they evaluate licensing opportunities. We also maintain a relationship with hundreds of developers worldwide and can identify games that can benefit from licensing your IP.

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